Semi-Auto Mask Aligner

  • Product No:Model 800E
  • Manufacturer:OAI INSTRUMENTS

The new OAI Model 800E front and backside, semi-automatic mask aligner system offers advanced features and specifications found most often in costly automated production mask aligners. With the development of this new mask aligner, OAI meets the growing challenge of a dynamic semiconductor and MEMS market with a new class of mask aligners that are engineered for R&D and low volume production.

Built on OAI’s proven modular platform, the Model 800E is an enhanced, high-performance, high-resolution lithography system which delivers a level of performance that is offered at an extremely compelling price point. The aligner system features OAI’s Advanced Beam Optics which delivers exceptional uniformity. Upgradable using OAI’s Precision Lithography Modules, the Model 800E is a highly versatile tool in the lab or in low-volume production. The Model 800E utilizes a Windows 7 PC control platform with extensive recipe storage capacity. The system also comes with joystick-controlled alignment and optics stages, and can be configured with non-contact, 3-point wedge effect correction and auto-align capability. These combined features are typically found in automated production mask aligner systems but are now available on the Model 800E at a more affordable price.

The Model 800E is unique owing to the inclusion of advanced features which are found in the OAI Model 6000 production mask aligner tool. By utilizing the proven OAI modular mask aligner platform, we are able to adopt technology from our more advanced tools to produce a powerful system at a more affordable price.

Standard front-side mask aligner features include: Dual 1MP resolution GIGE CCD cameras, motorized joystick, vacuum, hard soft & proximity exposure modes and Auto Wedge Effect Compensation. Standard backside features include all front-side features plus two additional cameras, digital zoom and motorized backside optics focus.

  • Semi-Auto Double Side Mask Aligner

  • Wave length220nm-405nm

  • 4-8inch

  • UV&LED Light Source

  • Proximity accuracy 3um

  • Soft contact accuracy2um

  • Hard contact accuracy 1um

  • Vacuum contact accuracy 0.8um

  • Autocompensation,Auto Z axis move

  • Can be configured as Nano Imprint tool for NIL   

Enhanced Performance:

  • Dual 1 MP resolution GigE CCD cameras with continuous zoom optics for better alignment accuracy

  • Objective separation 44-200mm

  • Optical magnification 70x – 400x

  • Large optics Y travel for flat alignment

  • Enhanced digital image capture and blended image overlay resulting in better front to backside overlay accuracy

  • Computer controlled illumination for more repeatable alignment

  • Auto-alignment utilizing the latest pattern recognition technology from Cognex

  • Includes CD Measurement capability

  • Backside alignment with optical backside magnification 180x, digital zoom and motorized auto-focus

  • Auto Wedge Effect compensation including 3 pt wedge- effect leveling and automated gap setting

  • Joystick control of alignment tooling and optics


  • IR backside added to 4 camera backside system

  • Nano Imprint Lithography (NIL) Module and starter kit can be added

  • Contact Liquid Photopolymer Process Module for Microfluidics


  • Easy to upgrade from Front to Backside Alignment

  • Easy to enhance your system with OAI’s precision Lithography Modules

  • Easy to operate and maintain

  • Ergonomic design for User

Front/Backside Mask Aligner System 

Mask rotation                            Not required (camera compensation front/back) 

Mask size                                  Up to 9”x9” 

Mask loading                             Vacuum and mechanical clamp 

Mask/substrate separation          Manual, user definable, infinitely variable 

Mask/substrate pressure            User definable 

Chuck motion control                 X,Y,Z & Theta (differential micron) 

Exposure gap                       0-3000µm 

Gap adjustment                    1µm 

Mechanical resolution            1.5µm 

X, Y travel                            ±10mm 

Theta travel                          ±4° 

Leveling                               Wedge-compensation system 

Overlay accuracy                  Front to back <2µm (3s) - Top side to 0.5µm 

Substrate size                      To 200mm square 

Printing modes                     Proximity, Soft, Hard & Vacuum Contact 

Printing resolution                 Soft contact - 2µm 

Hard Contact                        Submicron 

Exposure time                       1-3,200 in 0.1 second increments