Auto Mask Aligner

  • Product No:Model 6000
  • Manufacturer:OAI INSTRUMENTS

For: Semiconductors, MEMS, Sensors, Microfluidics, IOT, Packaging

With over 4 decades of manufacturing in the semiconductor industry, OAI meets the growing challenge of a dynamic market with a new elite class of production photolithography equipment.

Built on the venerable OAI modular platform, the Series 6000 has frontside or backside alignment that is fully automated with sub-micron resolution which delivers performance that is unmatched at any price.

The Aligners have Advanced Beam Optics with better than ±3% uniformity and a throughput of 180 wafers per hour in first mask mode, which results in higher yields. The Series 6000 can handle a wide variety of wafers from thick and bonded substrates (up to 7000 microns), warped wafers (up to 7 mm-10mm), thin substrates (down to 100 micron thick), and thick photo resist.

With superb process repeatability, the Series 6000 is the perfect solution for all production enviroments. Choose either frontside or optional back side alignment which uses OAI's customized pattern recognition software that is Cognex based. For the total lithography process, the Seriesl 6000 can be integrated seamlessly with cluster tools. OAI's new production mask Aligners are the total package.


Fully Automated

Frontside Alignment


Bottomside Alignment


Cluster Tool 

IntegrationCustomized Software

Exposure System
Exposure ModesVacuum contactHard contactSoft contactProximity (2μ gap)
Advanced Beam Optics
Uniform Beam Size:50mm - 200mm square/round

200mm - 300 mm square/round
Uniformity:Better than ±3%
Camera:Dual Camera with CCTV with Expanded Depth of Field
Alignment System
Pattern RecognitionCognex visionPro¹™ with OAI customized software
Alignment Accuracy0.5μ topside

1.0μ with top to bottom optional backside alignment
Pre-alignment AccuracyBetter than ±50μ
Auto-alignmentTop to bottomside

Wafer Handling
Substrate size50mm – 200mm round or square or 200mm-300mm round or square
Thin wafersDown to 100Μ
Warped WafersUp to 7mm-10mm
Thick & Bonded SubstratesUp to 7000μ
RoboticsSingle and dual arm wafer handling
Run-out compensationStandard software or optional thermal chuck
Wafer size conversion5 minutes or less
Throughput1st mask 180 wafers per hour - subsequent 75-100 wafers per hour
Wedge Effect Leveling3 point or optional non-contact
Available Options

IR Auto-align,

Cassette Mapping

365nm LED Exposure Light Source

Temperature Controlled Wafer Chuck

Integrated Mask Management Control

Integrated Lithography Cluster for Full Lithography

Process Environment Control with SMIF or FOUP Interface Modules

Non-contact Leveling

Edge Gripping