High-Performance Static-Disspative coating Plate

  • Product No:Eslon DC Plate
  • Manufacturer:Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd.

Static-Disspative Coating PC/PMMA/PVC Plate

  • Excellent Static Disspative Performance The surface resistivity is 106 ~ 108Ω/square that prevents suitably the accumulation of electrostatic charge. The Static Disspative performance lasts permanently and definitely independent of humidity.

  • Excellent Optical Perfomance Eslon DC Plate can be supplied in transparent colors which are "clear", "orange","yellow","smoked brown", and have excellent optical property.

  • Three Base Materials Eslon DC Plates are available in three base materials PC, PMMA, PVC.

  • Excellent Fabrication Ability Static Disspative performance is almost maintained after fabrication of forming, bending etc.