Semiconductor FTIR Metrology System

  • Product No:QS1200
  • Manufacturer:Nanometrics Inc.

Nanometrics presents the QS-1200 desktop system for dopant monitoring, epi thickness measurement. and other applications.The QS-1200 is designed for advanced semiconductor fabs performing material characterization in silicon growing and device manufacturing areas. It provides a new level of integration of the FTIR technique utilizing proven optical technology, and a manual wafer tray to accommodate SEMI standard wafer sizes of 100, 125, 150, 200, and 300 mm. Odd shaped wafer pieces,and 2 mm thick silicon slices can also be used on the QS-1200. An Elvailable option is a single wafer mapping (r, theta) stage for all the above wafer sizes.

Typical Applications  

  • Epitaxial film thickness  

  • Film thickness (dielectric, wafer, MEMs)  

  • Interstitial oxygen and substitutional carbon in silicon  

  • Boron and phosphorus in BPSG  

  • Hydrogen in SiN and SiON passivation layer  

  • Fluorine in FSG layers  

  • General purpose FTIR analysis  

  • Contact Nanometrics for detailed list of applications

System Description

  • Non-contact and non-destructive FTIR technique for a large number of applications using Nanometrics' proven FTIR technology and proprietary algorithms

  • High sensitivity ensured by large optical aperture, self-aligning interferometer and related optics

  • QS-1200 PC system is fully GEM compliant and the SECS interface supports local and remote control operation by the host via HSMS/SECS-1 protocols

  • Transmission and reflection measurements

  • Unlimited measurement pattern and 20/30 mapping

  • Faster installation and qualification

  • Easy recipe transfer

System Performance

  • Uptime:>98%

  • MTBF:>2,000 hours

  • MTBA:>1,000 hours

  • MTTR:<4 hours

Available applications:

  • EPI/MEM EPI/Hetero EPI/Quantum EPI

  • BPSG

  • CO

  • FSG

  • HSQ

  • FimZ

  • SICN

  • SI-N/-OC/-ON

  • Oxygen Dose/Precipitate

Available configuration options:

  • 200/300mm manual sample holders (incl. 2”, 3”, 4” 5” and 6”templates

  • 200/300mm auto mapper (incl. 2”, 3”, 4” 5” and 6” templates

  • purged wafer compartment

  • Dual detector options MCT & DTGS

  • External beam option

System Measurement





Epitaxial Thickness





Bulk Impurities





0.1 ppma

0.05 ppma

0.2 ppma

0.1 ppma

Dopant Composition





2-12 Wt%

1-10 Wt%

0.05 Wt%

0.05 Wt%

0.05 Wt%

0.15 Wt%

0.25 Wt%

0.15 Wt%

Hydrogen in Passivation Layers




3-30 Atom%

0.3 Atom%

0.3 Atom%

0.5 Atom%

0.5 Atom%