Smart Tweezers

  • Product No:ST5C Colibri
  • Manufacturer:Advance Devices, Inc.

Smart Tweezers Colibri™ is a professional quality, low cost LCR/ESRmeter.It is a perfect solution for testing, identifying components and troubleshooting electronic circuits.

The unique design combines a pair of tweezers like probes and a digital LCR-meter in one compact and lightweight device. The gold-plated precision probes are designed to work with smallest SMT components.

Smart Tweezers Colibri™ displays component type and value include a secondary parameter for capacitors and inductors. Automatic component eliminating unnecessary trial and error time.

Long battery life and extremely low sleep current makes this device an ideal choice for broad spectrum of applications from production lines to autonomous missions.

Using Smart Tweezers Colibri™ provides a quick and convenient way to test, sort and evaluate SMT components and perform on-board measurements and debugging.


  • L, C, R and ESR measurement

  • Bright and easy to read OLED display

  • Automatic or manual identification of tested component type

  • Secondary parameters display with automatic Parallel or Series equivalent circuit selection

  • Automatic or manual test frequency selection

  • Standard micro-USB connector for battery charger.

  • Auto power off

  • Protective holster

  • Precision, gold-plated tips

  • Rechargeable Li-Po battery

Technical Specifications

  • Test frequency: 100 Hz,1 kHz, 10 kHz

  • Test signal level: 0.45 +/- 5% Vrms SW

Basic accuracy

  • Resistors:0.5%

  • Capacitors:1%

  • Inductors:1%

Measurement Ranges

  • Resistance:0.05 ohm – 9.9 Mohm

  • Capacitance:0.5 pF – 4999 uF

  • Inductance:0.5 uH -999 mH

Physical Specifications

  • Size:14.8 x 2.0 x 1.5 cm

  • Weight:29 grams

  • Operating temperature: 0C – 50C

  • Battery Life: 20 hours of continuos measurement