DranTech 40S

  • Product No:DranTech 40S
  • Manufacturer:Dranetz -BMI

•    Precision multimeter (V, A, ohm, F, Hz, %, °C/°F), resolution:   10 uV, 10 nA, 10m ohm, 4¾-place
•    TRMS measurement for V AC and I AC to 10 kHz
•    DC measurement of 10 nA to 10 A via a single socket and a resetable fuse (auto-fuse), overload and blown fuse indicators
•    Current measurement with clip-on current sensors:

     The transformation ratio is adjustable from 1 mV:1 mA to 1 mV:1 A, and is accounted for by the display.
•    Temperature measurement with automatic Pt sensor recognition
•    Temperature measurement with type K thermocouple
•    Capacitance and diode measurement
•    Frequency measurement via V AC or I AC to 10 kHz
•    Frequency and duty cycle measurement at 2 to 5 V signals up to 1 MHz
•    RPM Measurement with Inductive Sensor (accessory)
•    Automatic and manual measuring range selection
•    Large backlit digital display with additional analog scale
•    Measured value storage and min./max. recording
•    DAkkS certificate and 3 year guarantee