Ballast Interface Matrix Switch

  • Product No:1596
  • Manufacturer:Xitron Technologies, INC.

The 1596 is a chassis based on the Xitron1500 family load/line switch chassis for the 2574R ballast test instrument. It connects a standard ballast to the 2574R using the wiring colors.

The 1596 incorporates a phase programmable line switch and has space for up to 5 additional 1580 series line switches which may be used for additional line switching or for line source selection, configurable by the user.

Max. Line Voltage: 2.5kV peak max. (1596) for 1 minute
Max. Line Source Voltage: 600V rms, 1kV peak, max. continuous
Line Frequency: 30Hz to 600Hz
Turn On Phase: Programmable 0 to 359° via 2574R, 1° + 20μs accuracy
Max. Line Inrush Current: 250Apeak (1 cycle) max
Max. Line Carry Current: 3Arms max. continuous
Switching Time: Less than 2 cycles of line (assumes line present prior to switch). Add 5 cycles of line if line presented at same time as commanded on
Ballast Output:
Max. Voltage: 2.5kV peak max. continuous
Max. Carry Current: 5A rms max continuous
Switching Conditions: Always switched under no voltage conditions
Switching Time: 10ms max