Single Phase - Three Phase

  • Product No:2553
  • Manufacturer:Xitron Technologies, INC.

The 2553 Power Analyzer incorporates the ideal combination of precision, speed and ease-of-use in an instrument so economical it can be on every bench.

• Low Cost/High Performance
• Measures and displays power, frequency, harmonics, THD, CF, K-Factor, Triplens & Inrush
• Up to 1500 volts peak, 40 amps peak internally & up to 10,000 amps with the use of External Current Transducers
• DC and 20mHz – 80kHz Frequency Range
• Graphics Display shows numerical results, waveforms, bar graphs & history plots
• 16-bit A-D takes up to 220k samples/second
• Simple 6-key user interface
• PCL/Text Printer output, IEEE488 interface included
• 1ø2W, 1ø3W, 3ø3W and 3ø4W configurable using the same wiring

Voltage: Range 950Vpk, 400Vpk, 1500Vpk (see ordering information)
Internal Current: Range 8Apk, 40Apk (see ordering information)
External Current Transducers (Option E only)
Current: Current
Current: 10Arms for 50ms, 2.5Arms continuous, 5Apk measurable
Scaling (In=Out) = +0000.00A = 00.0000A Through +\-9999.99A = 9999.99A
Current: Voltage
Voltage: 25Vpk for 50ms, 2.5Vrms continuous, 2.5Vpk measurable
Scaling (In=Out) = +0000.00V = 00.0000V Through +\-9999.99V = 9999.99V
0.05% of range
Frequency Measurement: 20 mHz to 80 kHz, 0.01%
Crest Factor: Range:1 to 99
Accuracy: from peak results
Harmonic & Spectrum Analysis
Frequency Range: 20 mHz to 50 kHz
Typical accuracy at line frequencies of 50/60 Hz:
THD: 0.1%
Harmonic: 0.05%
Phase: 0.1º
Actual, Peak Capture and Distortion content
V&A (rms, peak, envelope, THD),Watts, VAR, PF
User-selectable time base from 400 msec/div to 1 day/div
Resolution 1/20 division