Manual four point probe sheet resistance/resistivity measurement

  • Product No:RT-70V series
  • Manufacturer:Napson Corp.

RT-70Vseries is a manual 4 point probe sheet resistance/resistivity measurement system by Napson.

  • Combinational measurement system by Measurement tester(RT-70V) & Stage.

  • <Measurement tester ; RT-70V >

  • Thickness input with easy JOG dial operation (RT-70V Tester)

  • Tester self-test function/Auto change-over measurement range function

  • <Measurement stage>

  • You can choose from following stage models by your purpose & applications.
    (1) RG-7C: Electric probe up-down stroke.
    (2) RG-5: Manual probe up-down stroke by handle lever.
    (3) RG-7S: Electric probe up-down stroke for Glass or Film sample using X-Y  universal stage.
    (4) TS-7D:Hand held four point probe measurement instrument. *Stage plate is an option.

  • Sample sizes
    Depends on measurement stage.
    Up to <Circle> 300mm(12 inch) or <Square> 730x920mm size.

  • Measuring range
    [R] 1μ~3M Ω・cm
    [RS] 5m~10M Ω/sq