Hall Effect Measurement System

  • Product No:HL5500PC
  • Manufacturer:Nanometrics Inc.

The Nanometrics HL5500 is a turn-key, high performance Hall System for the measurement of resistivity, carrier concentration and mobility in semiconductors. Modular in concept, allowing easy upgrade paths, the system is suitable for a wide variety of materials, including silicon and compound semiconductors and metal oxide films

The system has both low and high resistivity measurement capabilities, with dual temperature capability and an optional cryostats extending the temperature range from below 90 K to 500 K. The computer is Microsoft® Windows™ based.

  • AC/DC measurement modes. The use of AC currents and phase sensitive detection eliminates thermal effects, long term drifts and significantly enhances signal-to-noise ratios. DC mode is useful when rate dependent trapping, rectification due to non-ohmic contacts or stray capacitances may affect AC currents

  • Van der Pauw, Hall Bar and Bridge measurements to ASTM F-76 standard

  • Simple probe system for convenient, fast sample throughput

  • Compact bench top design

  • Wide current range including auto-current facility in order to minimize sample heating

  • User defined electric field limitation to avoid impact ionization effects at low temperatures

  • Optional high impedance buffer amplifier/current source to extend sheet resistivity measurements to 1011 Ω/square

  • Software control of all measurement functions, data reduction and storage, text and graphical output to printer

  • Optional variable temperature capabilities:

  • a) Two-point, room temperature and 77 K

  • b) 90 K to 500 K liquid nitrogen cryostat

  • Rare earth permanent magnet giving excellent stability

  • Light-tight sample enclosure avoiding measurement errors due to photo generated effects

  • Probe system allowing rapid sample set-up for room temperature and 77 K assessment of wafers up to 3-inch diameter1

  • Extensive verification of measurement validity including contact checking algorithms

  • Electro-forming circuitry for contact formation

Current Source

Standard System

With HL5580 High Resistivity Buffer   Amplifier/Current Source Module


100 nA - 19.9 mA

1 pA - 10 μA


20 V

20 V

Output Impedance

1010 Ω

>1013 Ω

Voltage Measure

Standard System

With HL5580 High Resistivity Buffer   Amplifier/Current Source Module

Input Impedance

1010 Ω

1015 Ω in parallel with 3 pF input

Input Voltage Operating Range

±6 V

±6 V

Input Leakage Current

20 nA per input (typical)

40 fA per input (typical)

Current Input Voltage Noise

0.8 μV pk-pk at 0.1 - 10 Hz (typical)

15 nV/√Hz at 213 Hz

4.0 μV pk-pk at 0.1 - 10 Hz (typical)

Measurement Modes

AC (213 Hz)/DC


Sample Inputs


Two-lug female coaxial BNC with driven screen. Guard   to input potential <100 μV

Contact Switching


Dry Reed

Dimensions (Not including computer)

Measurement Head

535 mm (W) x 700 mm (D) x 295 mm (H)

Instrumentation Unit

280 mm (W) x 400 mm (D) x 150 mm (H)


Measurement Head including Magnet

47.8 kg

Instrumentation Unit

90 kg