Portable Multi-Channel Analyzer

  • Product No:970
  • Manufacturer:Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation

The Model 970-X Portable Multi-Channel Analyzer (pMCA) offers state-of-the-art signal processing for a wide range of nuclear applications. The electronics couple to a wide range of detector options and allow real-time data processing of gamma, neutron and x-ray radiation.

The Model 970-X pMCA is unique in that it can meet many applications as a process monitor, a separate laboratory instrument or integrated into an existing system to perform analysis. The flexible architecture allows utilizing different detectors types (solid-state detectors, scintillators, different sizes, different materials).

The modular assembly and small packaging are easy software interface are also well suited for applications in control systems where sample automation or fast screening is required.

Consider applications both in Spectroscopy and Spectrometry when evaluating the Model 970-X. The list of applications below contains two classes of instruments:

1) Spectroscopy for identification of radionuclides including some qualitative measurements that often include count rate and dose rate calculations.

2) Spectrometry for quantitative measurements of radionuclides in terms of activity in Curies or Becquerel.

  • Standard libraries include 387 isotopes (editable)

  • Multi-channel scaling mode

  • Peak search and identify

  • Quantification based on ROIs or peaks search

  • Dual-channel emulator (gas proportional or phoswich detectors as a gross alpha/beta counter-scaler)

  • ASCII mode (for User Defined Applications/Software)

  • Includes SNAP-MCA Software, Carrying Case, USB-Serial Adapter

  • 4096-channels, can also be configured for 256, 512, 1024, or 2048 channels

  • Internal bias voltage supply provides positive high voltage from 0 to 2000V at up to 0.5mA (Negative High Voltage available upon request)

  • Adjustable shaping time, 0.25 to 10 µs

  • Wide gain range by utilizing coarse and fine gain controls, achieve gain from x1 to x25