Hand held eddy current sensor measurement instrument

  • Product No:EC-80P
  • Manufacturer:Napson Corp.

EC-80 is a handheld eddy current sheet resistance/resistivity measurement system by Napson.

  • Auto-measurement start by probe head contacting to sample

  • 3 measurement modes for wafer resistivity, bulk resistivity and sheet resistance

  • Easy set up to measurement condition by JOG dial

  • 5 types of model for each measuring range

  • Resistivity probe can be changed by sample’s resistivity range

  • Sample sizes
    Any size and shape can be measured(*Larger than 20mmφ and measurement plane must be flat)

  • Measuring range
    [R] 1m ~ 200 Ω・cm
    [RS] 10m ~ 3,000 Ω/sq

  • The range is separated from each Low, Middle, High S-High,  Solar-wafer  probe type.