Non-contact sheet resistance/resistivity measurement instrument

  • Product No:NC-10
  • Manufacturer:Napson Corp.

NC-10 is a manual eddy current sheet resistance/resistivity measurement system by Napson.

  • Easy operation and data processing by PC

  • No damage measurement by non-contact eddy current method

  • Replaceable probes by meas. range (*Second or more probe is for the option)

  • 1 point measurement of center position

  • 5 types of model for each measuring range

  • Temperature correction for silicon wafer function

  • Sample sizes
    3 ~ 8 inch, ~156x156mm (Option; 2 inch and/or 12 inch, ~210x210mm)

  • Measuring range
    [R] 1m ~ 200 Ω・cm
    [RS] 10m ~ 3,000 Ω/sq

  • The range is separated from each Low, Middle, High and S-High probe type.