• Product No:DranTech METRAHIT-27M/METRAHIT-27I
  • Manufacturer:Dranetz -BMI

The METRA HIT 27M is a compact milliohm resistance meter plus multimeter and thermometer for the measurement of low-value contact resistance on aircraft outer skins (lightning protection, wick test), and for general low-resistance measurements.

The METRA HIT 27I is used additionally for service and repair work performed on airplane and helicopter electrical systems (voltage, insulation, milliohm and temperature measurement).
In addition to its own multimeter functions for electrical quantities, the instrument also includes a mega-ohm measuring function with insulation test voltages of 50, 100, 250 and 500 V, as well as temperature measurement with Pt100 and Pt1000 sensors.

METRA HIT 27M Features
•    All-in-one: Milliohm resistance meter, multimeter, insulation tester * and data logger.

     Compact and rugged for service under harsh conditions and laboratory use, a single device for many applications.
•    Kelvin connection (4-wire measurement)

     Suppresses influence from conductor and contact resistances on measuring results.
•    Measuring current can be selected according to the measuring task:

     Adaptation to various resistance measuring requirements and optimized battery service life.
•    DATA Hold


METRA HIT 27I Features

Includes all METRA HIT 27M functions plus:

•    Insulation resistance tester *
     Testing with 50 to 500 V for components, cables and conductors, for example in aircraft and in on-board electrical systems.

•    LCD panel with background illumination *
     High contrast, even under adverse ambient light conditions.

•    Compact and multifunctional
     Can be used advantageously in aircraft cockpits as well as in other constricted spaces, which would otherwise require the use of several individual instruments.

•    Mains power or storage battery operation
     Furnished with 3 NiMH storage batteries and a mains power battery charger as standard equipment for optimized instrument availability and low operating costs.

•    DKD calibration certificate as standard feature
     Reduced operating costs for use within ISO 9000 quality systems, documented traceability.